The Art of a Studio Tour

Ten senior art concentrators along with art faculty traveled to New York City from Nov. 4 through 6 to visit the studios of internationally acclaimed artists. Painter Alexi Worth, Daphne Fitzpatrick,  Ann Agee,  Judy Fox, Blane De St Croix, and painter/printmaker Jane Hammond offered students insight into their artistic practice and studios. The Dietrich Foundation and the Kirkland Endowment supported this event.


Students on the trip were Lisa Buch, Anna Chelius, Katie He, Emi Katsuta, Carryn Mills, Denise Ortega, Julia Ruckert, Suman Sarker, Nicole Schilder and Alicia Specht. Professors Katharine Kuharic, Ella Gant, Rebecca Murtaugh, Christopher Russell, Cindy Tower and Susanna White of the Emerson Gallery accompanied the students.


“This trip is one of the most valuable experiences of the art concentrator at Hamilton,” Murtaugh observed.


Emi Katsuta described the value of the studio visits from an art lover’s perspective. “It was not only a great opportunity to meet well-established artists, but a rare experience where the professionals, professors, and students came together as all share their passion for art. This single tie that brought us together allowed each individual to add their knowledge and perspective into the conversation,” Katsuta said. “I was inspired and intrigued to see the diversity among the artists, and honored to feel part of this circle. As a senior preparing to enter the professional world, this trip was a perfect experience.”


Katie He explained that “each artist we visited had a different perspective on art and art making. The trip motivated me to push myself and inspired me to create and develop something that drives me as much as each of the artists' artwork drives them.”


The value of the trip for Anna Chelius was “to visit these artists and talk with them about what it's like to be an artist outside of an academic setting.”


As Alicia Specht explained, “The trip also developed my own self-confidence as an artist. Up until this point in the semester, I had struggled to develop my perspective. Many of the artists we visited, though, talked about their own journey to develop their style. It was reassuring to hear that they underwent similar struggles. It was also interesting to learn and observe how they dealt with criticism, an important lesson for any artist. I left the city reinvigorated and inspired.”


Nicole Schilder concluded, “Words that describe the trip: uplifting, inspirational, and heartening. I feel grateful that Hamilton offers this program and allowed me to participate.”


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