Sharon and David Rivera Discuss Putin-era Russia

Associate Professor of Government Sharon Werning Rivera and Scholar-in-Residence David W. Rivera presented a paper at the 67th Annual Conference of the New York State Political Science Association on April 19 at Syracuse University. 

“The Militarization of the Russian Elite under Putin: Claims, Counter-Claims, and the Remaining Research Agenda (A Survey of the Literature)” provided a comprehensive review of what the authors call the “militocracy paradigm” that has been dominant in analyses of Russian politics since Vladimir Putin became president in 2000.

According to the Riveras, the paradigm holds that Putin’s years in power have been accompanied by a massive influx of former military and security personnel into positions of power and authority and that this influx has major implications for Russian politics and policy.

They discussed the ways this paradigm is used by scholars, journalists and policy-makers to explain developments in Putin-era Russia. They also addressed the most important components of the remaining research agenda on this topic.

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