Shields Presents Lecture at Syracuse University on Atmospheric Chemistry

Winslow Professor of Chemistry George Shields presented a seminar for Syracuse University's Department of Chemistry on September 20.  His lecture, titled "Water Clusters in the Atmosphere: An Overview of Computational Chemistry Research at Hamilton College," featured the atmospheric chemistry work of Tim Evans '05, Frank Pickard '05, and Goldwater Scholars Meghan Dunn '06 and Mary Beth Day '07.  His talk also encompassed the collaboration between his group and his colleague Ted Dibble at the SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry. This work involves Marco Allodi '08 and Kristin Alongi '08, both of whom worked in the Shields lab over the summer and are continuing their research this fall. Dan Tomb '08, Ngoda Manongi '08, Pragyan Praghan '08, David Hamilton '09, and Jared Pienkos '09 also contributed to atmospheric chemistry research this past summer. Research progress in computational chemistry has been enhanced by the ongoing contributions of Assistant Professor of Chemistry Karl Kirschner.  Shields briefly reviewed the biochemical research of Sarah Taylor '03, Damien Ellens '03, Lorena Hernandez '03, Abby Markeson '04, Sarah Felder '07, Katrina Lexa '05, and Karilyn Larkin '06.

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