New members of <em>Sigma Xi</em> were inducted on May 18.

The Hamilton College Chapter of Sigma Xi, the international science research society, initiated several new members at a meeting that took place on May 18.

The new inductees included 12 members of the Class of 2018:

  • Kyndal A. Burdin, psychology major
  • Andre J. Burnham, biology major
  • Giovanny Dominguez, chemistry major
  • Petra Barbro Elfström, archaeology major
  • Emily Arlene Hull, archaeology major
  • Elise S. LePage, physics major
  • Benjamin G. Mittman, neuroscience major
  • Anya E. Nugent, physics major
  • Isabel Shaheen O’Malley, psychology major
  • Vi A. Pham, neuroscience major
  • Annabel Sangree, biology major
  • Justin C. Sonberg, chemistry major

Assistant Professor of Biology Natalie Nannas and Assistant Professor of Anthropology Colin Quinn were inducted as full members.

Celia DeJohn, a student from Utica College, was also inducted at the meeting.

Sigma Xi is an international honor society of science and engineering professionals that facilitates a variety of activities that support scientific research. Hamilton was one of the first wholly undergraduate colleges to be granted a chapter when its club earned an upgrade to chapter status in 1965.

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