Silversmith Gives Lecture and Co-authors Articles with Alumni

Ann Silversmith
Ann Silversmith

Ann Silversmith, professor of physics, presented a lecture on March 29 at Ithaca College. “Synthesis and spectroscopy of rare earth based sol-gel glasses” reported results of work done with Kate Arpino ’10 and Andrew Beyler ’10. Silversmith also presented this work earlier in the semester at Davidson College.


In addition, several publications co-authored by Silversmith have recently been published. “Mechanisms of fluorescence enhancement in rare earth doped sol-gel glasses containing Al3+” written by Silversmith, Beyler and Arpino along with Dan Boye of Davidson College and Kurt Hoffman of Whitman College, and “Post Annealing Immersion: a new technique for studying rare earth ions in porous materials” by Arpino, Silversmith, Boye and Hoffman appear in the March issue of the Journal of Luminescence. “Fluorescence enhancement in rare earth doped sol-gel glass by N,N dimethylformamide as a drying control chemical additive,” written by Beyler, Boye, Hoffman and Silversmith, appears in the current issue of Physics Procedia.

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