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Mary Sisler
Mary Sisler

Mary Sisler, visiting assistant professor of Italian, recently presented a paper titled “Leonardo’s Early Experiments in Writing” at the Renaissance Society of America Conference in New York. She was on a panel composed of scholars who had participated in the 2012 NEH Institute in Florence “Leonardo da Vinci: Between Art and Science.”

Her paper examined three main aspects of Leonardo da Vinci’s early experiments in writing from the 1478-1481 period: the texts themselves and their allegorical significance, the relationship of the texts to images that Leonardo was working on at roughly the same time, and how problematic translations of the texts have left many readers with an incomplete picture of the young artist’s talents as a writer.

The Renaissance Society of America is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of all aspects of the Early Modern period ranging from 1300-1650. It is based in New York City and it incorporates scholars from a wide range of backgrounds specializations.

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