Five Win Public Speaking Prizes

From left, Yan Kit Pang '10, Xiaohan Du '12, Amanda Bowman '10, Trang Nguyen '13, Ian Doran '11.
From left, Yan Kit Pang '10, Xiaohan Du '12, Amanda Bowman '10, Trang Nguyen '13, Ian Doran '11.
Hamilton’s annual Public Speaking competition took place on Saturday, March 6 in the Chapel. Five students won prizes in three prize competitions: The McKinney Prize, The Clark Prize, and The Warren Wright Prize.

Winners of the McKinney Prizes were Trang Nguyen '13, whose speech was titled “You’re Beautiful”; Xiaohan Du ‘12, whose topic was "A Call for the Revival of Humanism in Liberal Arts Education: When the Diversity of Ideas Meets the Idea of Diversity”; Ian Doran '11, who spoke on “What’s One More Test? Encouraging STI Testing at Hamilton College”; and Yan Kit Pang '10, “Dance Education for Youth at Risk.” McKinney speeches must be persuasive in nature, with arguments supported by appropriate and meaningful factual information. A participant’s chosen topic should be socially relevant and of interest to the extended Hamilton community.

Yan Kit Pang was also the recipient of the Clark Prize. His speech was titled “Facebook: Enough Already!” in response to this year’s topic, “Facebook: How Much Information is too Much?”

Amanda Bowman ’10 was awarded the Warren E. Wright Prize for her speech titled “Iowa: The Gay Mecca?” In the Wright competition, the speech must be an informative (rather than persuasive) speech on a socially significant issue of current interest. That is, each contestant's speech must focus on an issue that the public presently confronts and deal with that issue in a thoughtful manner.
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