Jaime Lee Kucinskas

Top social scientists from around the world spanning from Iran to California virtually convened at Hamilton College to discuss the status of the latest social science on mindfulness on July 26. Associate Professor of Sociology Jaime Kucinskas co-convened the symposium with Kristina Eichel of Brown University.

In the first panel, management professors Ravi Kudesia, Marie Holm, and Bahar Ashnai discussed how mindful metacognition operates in an explosive demolitions firm, a French bank and among salespeople. Kudesia described how attention management practices can be implemented daily, weekly/monthly, and annually through various rituals to hone employee attention. Holm discussed the rarity of collective forms of mindfulness and Ashnai noted how mindfulness reduces stressed employees' emotional exhaustion.

In the second panel, Dr. Ira Helderman, Dr. Cathy-Mae Karelse and Dr. Nalika Gajaweera discussed whether contemporary critiques of mindfulness are novel. Karelse and Gajaweera unpacked how white mindfulness spaces perpetuate white racism and can cause discomfort in a number of ways for practitioners of color. 

For more information about what was discussed, follow JaimeKucinskas on Twitter at @jlkucinskas.

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