Jordan Fischetti ’08

As an attorney who practices immigration law, Jordan Fischetti ’08 isn’t calling on his two majors when he sits down at his desk each day. But as Hamilton alum who studied what he loved, Fischetti is satisfied with his choice of geology and archaeology. He loved the professors and conversations with his fellow majors. He studied geology because he was interested in climate change, and the courses were fascinating. He had great research experiences in archaeology.

Fischetti spent a summer working with a professor and other students in the Great Basin gathering artifacts and the next summer analyzing the flakes of stones they collected to help determine the mobility patterns of the Paleoarchaic people of the Great Basin. He spent another summer collecting shale to create a reference collection.

More than anything else, Fischetti says, his liberal arts education taught him to write and speak persuasively.

“I do know going into Hamilton my writing wasn’t really all that great, and I remember in law school a lot of people would tell me, ‘Wow, Jordan, you write really well.’ Well it must have been Hamilton,” Fischetti says, “because I certainly got a lot of Bs and Cs in my writing when I first started there.”

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