Untitled@Large recently hosted a play reading for the campus.

The Kennedy Center for Theatre and Studio Arts hosts more than just bustling theatre and art departments. Young artists who may not have time for a formal commitment to one department find outlets for their creative energy in organizations like Untitled@Large.

Untitled is Hamilton’s premiere student theatre company. In the past, Untitled has existed as a means of funding student driven theatre productions. But, with a fresh executive board, the club is hard at work expanding theatre opportunities for all students.

“Untitled@Large is unique in the fact that it functions both as a community for people who are excited about theatre, and as a production company through which student theatre is funded and produced” said Caitlin McQuade ’18. McQuade, now serving as the club’s media chair, was instrumental in reformatting the club after a period of dormancy. McQuade believes “it’s important for students to have opportunities to explore theatre in a non-academic setting, since this is, most likely, what many of us will be doing once we graduate.”

Sarah Zeiberg ‘18 is currently at work adapting, directing, and designing the set for a production of The Swan Song. Penned by Anton Chekhov, Zeiberg selected to script because of its technical and artistic challenges. “I want Untitled@Large to be a safe place for student artists to take big risks and, yes, make mistakes without losing any love for the craft,” said Zeiberg, who also serves as Untitled’s artistic director.  The performance will take place on Saturday, Oct. 21, at 1 p.m., in List Art Center 104.

An actor with the club, Jake Bolster ’19, noted that “Working with your peers, one of the many perks of Untitled, is not only fun, but it helps you improve in ways classroom settings sometimes can’t provide.”

In the spirit of collaboration, Untitled also plans to host events for the larger campus community. Popular events have included play readings and viewing parties. Bolster finds that “Untitled has the unique ability to offer an artistically challenging environment for more advanced theatre enthusiasts while simultaneously providing a warm and exciting welcome to those who may be new to theatre. It’s what you make of it,” he said.

Untitled is also co-hosting a Late Night Murder Mystery dinner party with Residential Life on Oct. 27.

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