Students Interning at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Alexandra Keyes '11 and Ashlyn Razzo '11.
Alexandra Keyes '11 and Ashlyn Razzo '11.
Ashlyn Razzo ’11 and Alexandra Keyes ’11, past stage managers for Hamilton College theater productions, are currently in Cardiff, Wales, interning at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. They have been working alongside students and professors from the undergraduate and graduate stage management programs in Cardiff, preparing to go to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Venue 13 for the month of August.

So far they have worked on rigging, lighting, and sound, and in Edinburgh will also work backstage and in the box office. They are fascinated by the Welsh accents and continually confused by the different terminology both in the theater and out, often referred to by their Welsh friends and professors as simply “the Americans.” Razzo is a biology and theatre major and Keyes is majoring in Hispanic studies.
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