Students Pick: Tips for maximizing your LinkedIn Experience

Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz about LinkedIn.  It’s often described as Facebook for professionals.  As a student, it might seem unnecessary to go through the hassle of creating an account when you won’t be entering the workforce for a few years.  But now is the best time to create a LinkedIn account with the use of LinkedIn’s Student User Guide. 

After logging onto LinkedIn, drag your mouse over the “more” option in the toolbar and click on “Learning Center”.  Once you’ve scrolled to the bottom click on “Students” under “User Guides” to watch six short videos on how students can best utilize the site.  If you’re logging in for the first time, watch the “Get Started” video to learn about how to set up your profile, connect with classmates, alumni and others, and find internship opportunities.  The second video, “Go Pro” will teach you how to target your LinkedIn page towards your ideal employer.  Next, watch “Be Passionate” to learn about LinkedIn’s tools to finding the perfect career path, industry or geographical location for you.  The “Grow Your Network” video will teach you all about making connections on the website and requesting introductions to businesses or people you might not have a direct connection with.  Once you’ve grown your network, the fifth video, “Find Opportunities” discusses the importance of networking and using your network to find job or internship opportunities.  The last video, “Nail the Interview,” discusses interview skills and LinkedIn’s own Company Buzz app.  Log on now and start watching to create a great LinkedIn profile and learn about how students can best utilize this resource!

Visit the Career Center website for more great resources.

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