Deanna Cho '15, Jamie McLean '15, John Bennett '16, Catherine Oglevee '15 and Ashley Carducci '15.
Deanna Cho '15, Jamie McLean '15, John Bennett '16, Catherine Oglevee '15 and Ashley Carducci '15.

Five Hamilton students spent a week shadowing resident physicians at the St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Utica during the week of Jan 12.  Catherine Oglevee ’15, Deanna Cho ’15, Jamie McLean ’15, Ashley Carducci ’15, and John Bennett ’16 all had the opportunity to experience what it means to be a medical resident.  

The students shadowed residents in numerous medical fields for a week and experienced the rigorous schedules that residents have.   “With this opportunity we gained a deeper understanding of just how important residency is,” Oglevee explained.  “It’s a critical period in the training of physicians in which recent medical school graduates officially practice medicine on their own.” 

Oglevee said it was educational to shadow residents, instead of physicians who have been specializing for numerous years.  “Since residents are fresh out of medical school, they can still provide concrete opinions and advice for the journey leading up to and through medical school.  It was also interesting to see the relationship that residents have with their attending physicians,” she added.

Jamie McLean remarked, “I’ve shadowed before but it was with physicians who have been specializing for 20 years. Their approach to medicine and perspective is much different than a doctor who graduated medical school anywhere from 6 months to 2 and a half years ago.”

He said it was interesting to experience what it’s like to be new to an intimidating field. “I saw what it’s like to not be an expert (yet) and how the residents used their education and knowledge to interact with patients and interpret cases.” McLean said he noticed the increased confidence level in residents as they gained more experience.

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