Study by Klinkner and Skinner '92 is Subject of Editorial in New Orleans Times-Picayune

An editorial in the New Orleans Times-Picayune (4/6/04) highlights the work of Government Professor Phil Klinkner and Visiting Instructor of Government Richard Skinner '92. Their study, "Black, White, Brown and Cajun: The Racial Dynamics of the 2003 Louisiana Gubernatorial Election," suggested bias, unexpected support from the so-called "David Duke vote" was decisive in Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco's victory over Bobby Jindal. The Times-Picayune editorial says the study "makes a depressingly strong case that Jindal, who had led comfortably in pre-election polls, lost because of his Indian ancestry. Blanco is white."

The editorial notes that Jindal "is getting a warm reception once again as he mounts his own run for Congress.  It's developments like this, as well as Jindal's generally better-than-expected showing, that hint that maybe we'll be able to retire the concept of the 'Duke vote' some time in our lifetimes. But the study makes a convincing case that we've got a way to go."



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