Pavitra Sundar.
Associate Professor of Literature Pavitra Sundar co-edited an open-access volume, Thinking with an Accent (University of California Press, 2023), which was awarded the 2024 René Wellek Prize for Best Edited Collection by the American Comparative Literature Association.

This interdisciplinary collection casts accent as a powerfully coded yet underexplored mode of perception shaping the global cultural economy. It includes contributions by 17 scholars, whose expertise spans literature, linguistics, education, law, and disability, sound, and media studies.

Recognizing the scope and importance of the book’s interventions, the award committee noted that, “The timeliness of this book cannot be overstated. It is as if the past 50 years of scholarship in the humanities, from the linguistic, cultural, gender, and media sides, had come to fruition in the conceptualization of this volume. Indeed, the impact of this approach to literary, language, and cultural studies promises to be field-changing.

“For a discipline such as comparative literature that puts the rigorous study of as well as the respect and care for languages and literatures at the center of its intellectual pursuit, this book exemplifies the relevance of the humanities as a way of knowing, of being in the world, and as a powerful tool for good.”

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Doran Larson

Larson Publishes New Book on American Prison System

"Inside Knowledge: Incarcerated People on the Failures of the American Prison," by Doran Larson, the Edward North Chair of Greek and Greek Literature and Professor of Literature and Creative Writing, was published this week by NYU Press.

Ian N. Mills

Mills Publishes on Crucifying the Musical Christ

Ian Mills, visiting assistant professor of classics and religious studies, published an essay titled "Crucifying the Musical Christ: The Politics of Jesus' Death in Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar" in The Revealer: A Review of Religion and Media.

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