Susan Hartman, a Kirkland College graduate of 1974, has been published in the New York Times for her article discussing the journey of refugees in the Utica, N.Y. region.  In the article, Hartman shares the story of what life has been like for a local immigrant, Sadia Ambure.  Sadia and her family are members of the Somali Bantu tribe and are originally from Kenya.  The Ambure family left Kenya to avoid persecution and made the journey to Utica, N.Y. where they have begun to build a new life for themselves.

Utica has become known for its diverse immigrant population and mixed cultural variety.  Over the years, Utica has fought to keep up with its infrastructures and housing, but has benefitted greatly from the influx of immigrants.  The immigrants have created a vibrant rejuvenation of what had become a tired and weathered city through their hard work and dedication to bettering their surroundings.  Now restaurant owners, grocers, groundskeepers, and housekeepers, Utica’s immigrants are reshaping the future of our local city.

While at Kirkland, Hartman majored in Creative Writing and worked as a volunteer in the Career Office.  Following her time at Kirkland, Hartman K’74 continued on to Columbia University where she received a Master of Fine Arts in 1976. Hartman's article can be read be clicking here.

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