Nigel Westmaas

Associate Professor of Africana Studies Nigel Westmaas published a book review in the June issue of the journal SX Salon on Walter Rodney’s The Russian Revolution: A View from the Third World (Verso, 2018).  The review is titled “Critical Praxis: Walter Rodney and the Russian Revolution.”

Rodney, a Guyanese historian compiled the lecture notes that make up the new, edited text prior to his assassination in 1980. Westmaas notes that “at the time Rodney pulled together the lectures that form the text under review, the Soviet Union was about 20 years from atrophying. Rodney did not require the comfort of the ‘present’ to display his own critical views of Russia, as is apparent in several passages of the book. Ahead of his time, he was observing what we now know as Vladimir Putin–like formation of the Soviet state.”

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