Success in Advertising- Taso Mouhteros '91

A decade ago, Taso Mouhteros '91 co-founded PLUM Agency, a full service, independent advertising agency based in SoHo in New York City whose clients include major global corporations (LG, Merck, Disney) and federal government agencies. The agency has met with great success. Recently, PLUM was a partner agency which launched a campaign for the U.S. 2010 Census, billed as the largest campaign ever for having to reach the most amount of people – everyone in the U.S. The campaign included national TV, radio, print, digital, and social media. Their musical commercial featuring the chorus "We can’t move forward until you mail it back" played during American Idol, reaching a wide audience. PLUM’s work has aired during shows with the highest prime time audiences, such as the Olympics and Dancing with the Stars. PLUM’s work has also been featured on shows like 20/20 and the Washington Post.

PLUM Agency is the union of a market research firm with a creative shop that takes a highly strategic approach to all its assignments – everything begins with insights about targeted audiences. The vision has allowed them to work with The Walt Disney Company, Merck, LG, Marine Special Operations Command, Colgate, and other high-profile companies and federal government agencies.

At Hamilton, Mouhteros was a member of the men’s ice hockey team and of Sigma Phi. He graduated with a concentration in French. In addition to running PLUM Agency, he is a Visiting Associate Professor at Pratt in New York City where he teaches an advertising course in the Communications Design department.
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