Ten Friends

For young children, an ideal introduction to numbers and their combinations by means of a few rhyming read-aloud words and a plethora of colorful pictures of a menagerie of animals. A clever approach to a counting-adding book, it makes learning fun. The author, long involved with educational publishing, resides in New York City.
A riotous counting book that ends in a grand tea party for 100 friends.
If you could ask 10 friends to tea,
tell me who those friends would be.

You might invite 9 bears and 1 forest ranger. Or perhaps you'd choose 4 divers, 3 chauffeurs, and 3 drivers. Whichever group of friends you count, you'll still wind up with 10.

But what happens if all of your friends come? Put all the groups together and they add up to a whole lot more than 10: there are 100 friends coming for tea! Rollicking rhymes and cheerful pictures create a delightful introduction to simple addition concepts.

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