Ten Students Selected as New Writing Center Tutors for 2007-08

Ten students have been selected as new writing tutors for the 2007-2008 academic year: Stephanie Anglin '10, Winston Cook-Wilson '09 (music), David Foster '10, Whitney Kimmel '08 (English, French), Chris Love '10, Andrew Peart '10, Mallory Reed '10, Kevin Rowe '10, Emily Tang '08 (creative writing, Chinese), and Allison Trionfetti '10. Students must be nominated by professors to be considered for the position, and finalists are selected based on superior writing skills

Tutors returning next year are: Leeann Brigham '09 (neuroscience), Henry Ciocca '09 (history), Brendan Conway '09 (creative writing, philosophy), Lara Cueni '08 (archaeology), Pat Hodgens '09 (comparative literature), Katya Hottenstein '08 (Hispanic studies), Rachel McReynolds '09 (history), Katie Naughton '08 (creative writing), Sarah Patterson '08 (comparative literature, philosophy), Adam Polonski '08 (classical languages), Rachel Richardson '09 (creative writing, philosophy), Kim Roe '08 (geosciences), Danielle Sclafani '08 (psychology), Albert Trithart '08 (world politics, classical languages), Jennifer Vano '09 (creative writing), and Sarah Weiner '08 (chemistry).

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