Ten Students Selected as Writing Center Tutors for 2009-10

Ten students have been selected as new writing tutors for the 2009-2010 academic year. They are, from the Class of 2010, Ethan Kamer (history) and Lizzie Marris (sociology); Class of 2011, Rachel D'Angio (environmental studies), Leigh Ercole (psychology), Courtney Flint (history), and Sushmita Preetha (women's studies). Students selected from the class of 2012 are Maeve Gately, Nora Grenfell, Julia Litzky, and Andre Matlock.

Students must be nominated by faculty to be considered for the position, and finalists are selected based on superior writing skills.  

Returning writing tutors from the Class of 2010 are Stephanie Anglin (psychology), David Foster (economics/government), Phillip Milner (chemistry/math), Andrew Peart (English), Lauren Perillo (history), Mallory Reed (sociology), Kevin Rowe (government), Amy Tannenbaum (comparative literature), and Elizabeth Weber (history). 

Those returning from the Class of 2011 are Rebecca Behrens (neuroscience), Jeff Cardoni (creative writing/economics), Catie Ferrara (environmental studies), Caitlin Fitzsimons (English), Erica Kowsz (archaeology), Stefanie Linnan (English/psychology), Dana Quigley (Asian studies/creative writing), and Kate Sheridan (English).
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