Sam Farber '20

How did being a part of the tennis team help you throughout your time at Hamilton? 

Being on the tennis team impacted my experience at Hamilton in amazing ways. Coming in freshman year, not really knowing anyone, the tennis team really made me feel like I fit in and introduced me to an incredible group of guys. Having teammates and friends that I could consistently rely on was a huge help and something I didn’t take for granted. Tennis was also a great way to take my mind off of the stress of schoolwork and let off some steam. Having that outlet helped me a great deal. Also, continuing to play the sport I love throughout college was really important to me. Especially after my last season was cut off because of the pandemic, it made me realize and appreciate how much I enjoy playing tennis for my team and for my school. 

How did your time on the tennis team and in the Computer Science Department develop hard and soft skills that translate to your career today? 

There are many ways in which those groups helped me develop skills that will help me not only in my career, but for the rest of my life. As a computer science TA , I incorporated both the hard skills and soft skills needed to help students in the intro classes. I had to be patient and learn how to teach topics in a constructive and effective manner. This translated in countless ways to my career today. The tennis team also helped me develop a lot of beneficial traits. How to be a good teammate, how to be vocal when necessary, and how to listen and help others were just a few of many attributes that I learned and developed. As team captain, I was forced to step out of my comfort zone and I learned how important those soft skills are to be a team player and a leader. These skills have translated directly to my career and I’m still learning and trying to further improve those traits today. Butthe tennis team allowed me to get a great jump start, and I wouldn’t be close to where I am today without that. 

How did you utilize your connections on campus to find a career? 

Hamilton is great in that I feel like I’m a part of a very tight-knit, cooperative community, so utilizing those connections turned out to be very useful. The Computer Science Program at Hamilton was relatively small, and was even smaller than in years past. As a result of this small program, and such a cooperative community, people were always willing to help me out and that’s something I really appreciated. Whether it was general career advice, looking over my resume, or giving me a contact in their connections list, Hamilton alumni were always keen to extend a hand. 

Do your connections with the tennis team and the Computer Science Department still impact your life? And if so how? 

Absolutely! I made a lot of amazing connections throughout my time at Hamilton, many I consider great friends. I have met some incredible people and gained lasting friendships that definitely impact my life today. I still keep in touch with many of the people that I was close to, and I’m sure that those will be lifelong friendships. Were it not for the pandemic, I’d be up visiting Hamilton, cheering on my team and reconnecting with all of the people that have made a huge impact on my life. Hopefully, that can happen soon.

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