Due to strict Senate ethic codes, rising junior Charles Dunst was unable to publish any of his opinions publicly while serving as a military and veterans affairs intern in U.S. Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s office this summer. As soon as he completed his internship, however, Dunst submitted two essays to The Hill, both of which were published in the second half of July.

In “It’s time for #NeverTrump’s childish tantrum to end,” Dunst asked, “The Never Trump movement has repeatedly said that it is vital to vote – but if you refuse to vote for Trump and Clinton, who are you actually voting for?” He noted, “Despite the collective hatred and utter disdain for Trump these Never Trump [Republican leaders] hold, not one of them has acknowledged reality, agreed to put partisan politics aside and vote for the proven yet problematic moderate: Hillary Clinton.” Dunst’s first essay was published on July 21.

A second oped titled “Peter Thiel does not make the GOP pro-gay” appeared on July 28 and declared, “By bringing a gay orator, the Republicans believe themselves to have ushered their party into the modern age of social policy. Let’s be very clear – they did no such thing. Peter Thiel is a deviation from Republican norms, not a standard bearer for the future.” He observed that “The GOP’s 2016 party platform is phenomenally anti-LGBTQ – as it officially opposes gay marriage, bathroom choice for transgender individuals, and gay adoption. The platform goes a step further, even embracing an endorsement of gay conversion therapy.” According to its website, The Hill delivers solid, non-partisan and objective reporting on the business of Washington, covering the inner-workings of Congress, as well as the nexus between politics and business. 

As a world politics major, Dunst interned in Senator Gillibrand’s office, in part, because, “on the topic of veterans, it was really important for me to see and understand their individual cases and concerns – rather than as political props, as they are often presented.” He continued, “While always interested in politics and the federal government, it was really fascinating to see the bureaucracy from the inside.”

As a next step, Dunst has secured a position as a campaign finance intern for Kim Myers’ congressional campaign to replace the retiring U.S. Representative Richard Hanna in the 22nd District which includes Clinton and the Hamilton campus. Dunst will also be co-President of the Hamilton College Democrats and one of the opinion editors for the Spectator in the fall when he returns to campus. Dunst will participate in the college’s Washington, D.C., program next spring.

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