The Keno Twins are Identical in Their Lifelong Passion for Antiques

Leigh Keno a 79' graduate of Hamilton College, and his twin describe their passion for antique collecting. Nothing makes their hearts beat faster than a beautiful piece of American furniture. They said as much when they spotted a John Seymour table during an early episode of the PBS series "Antiques Roadshow." A Table that legends are made of, it was purchased for $25 at a yard sale and sold for more than a half-million dollars at Sotheby's. It's a story they tell with glee... They sold most of their crocks to help pay for college (Leslie at Williams in Williamstown, Mass., and Leigh at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y.). While at school, they each cataloged their college's antique-furniture collection... After college, each moved directly into the auction world, specializing in American furniture. The auction business is more hands-on.
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