The Misconceiver

Readers are guided through Lucy Ferriss’s conflict-filled and frightening futuristic world by Phoebe, a young woman torn between the skills her mother and sister have died to pass on and her desire for a life and love of her own. Ferriss’s novel carefully considers the delicate balance between engrained lessons and personal desires. Phoebe’s quest for a sincere relationship necessitates revealing the one secret that could bring about her downfall, but when she is betrayed, will she find faith in her love and continue the quest for her own future or resign herself to her sister's fate?


“Ferriss is a fine writer, and in this dark and starkly realistic tale, she answers all her own questions, pulling no punches.”
-Gil Hornby, The Times

“Fast-paced, intelligent, risky storytelling by one of America’s brightest young writers.”
-Molly Giles, Author of Creek Walk and Other Stories and Rough Translations

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