Maribeth Romslo and Nina Sharma ’01, creators of the app, The Whole Truth Booth.

December 15 is the 225th Anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, but it is also the day which Nina Sharma ’01 and Maribeth Romslo decided to launch the app,  The Whole Truth Booth.

What began as a late night text conversation, has turned into something much larger than Sharma and Romslo could have ever imagined. The Whole Truth Booth is a storytelling platform to bridge political, social, and cultural divides across America. The app encourages everyone to tell their truth in an attempt to help people understand each other. Sharma and Romslo want to show there is more that is cause for unity than for division.

The app is available on iOS and Android. Recording and submitting responses takes around 5 minutes and they encourage everyone to participate! Staying up to date is as easy as following The Whole Truth Booth on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.   

Sharma and Romslo are gearing up for a cross- country road trip and will be in Washington D.C. from January 20 until January 21 filming person- on-the-street interviews on the National Mall during the Inauguration and during the Women’s March. They are looking to find ways to grow and spread their message of unity to as many people as possible and encourage anyone in the area to come out and help.

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