Third Annual Swimming and Diving Alumni Reunion

Events kicked-off Friday night with a performance by this year's Sacerdote Great Names Speaker and host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show Jon Stewart.  Stewart's sharp-witted comedy had the audience in stitches and set the tone for a memorable FHSD reunion.
More alumni arrived on Saturday morning ready to swim in the first Buff' n' Blue Alumni Relays. Former teammates, record holders and Hamilton swimming history came together at Saturday's meet to remind alumni and friends of all things swimming and diving.  The meet also provided some welcomed changes for alumni.  Gone were the pre-meet jitters and single-minded focus on the day's races.  Instead, alumni enjoyed a casual warm-up that focused more on talking and stretching than swimming.  200s and 100s were replaced by 50s and 25s.  And no one had Gatorade or banner duty! 
But some things were thankfully the same. Unga La Bunga continues to be the team's rallying cry, and alumni and swimmers started the meet with the familiar old cheer!  The competitive drive alumni developed as students also remains vibrant in alumni.  There were highly touted head-to-head showdowns between alumni.  And there was even some heads-up competition between alumni and current swimmers.
The meet also provided a wonderful opportunity for many to appreciate the rich tradition that is Hamilton Swimming and Diving.  Jim Kent, Class of 1946 and member of Hamilton's first swim team, attended the meet and competed in the 50 backstroke. Jim's performance inspired alumni, coaches and swimmers alike.
Even more alumni arrived Saturday evening for the alumni dinner.  Because of growing attendance, the dinner venue was up-graded to accommodate the large group! At dinner, alumni traded stories with one another, the coaches and seniors about their experiences on the Hill.  Even newly formed memories from the alumni relays were quickly relived as all enjoyed a slide show of the day's meet thanks to alumni's pictures documenting the day.  The dinner was a great opportunity for Coach TJ Davis to highlight Hamilton's success this past year.  From new records to new timing pads, TJ took alumni through last year's accomplishments and then laid out his plan to be successful in Division III's most competitive swimming conference, NESCAC. 
Questions about the Reunion or Friends of Hamilton Swimming and Diving? Please contact Joe Sipos '03 & Kevin Thompson '04
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