Tibetans In Nepal

In the summer of 2002 Luce Junior Professor of Asian Studies Ann Frechette published Tibetans In Nepal: The Dynamics of International Assistance among a Community in Exile. Based on eighteen months of field research conducted in exile carpet factories, settlement camps, monasteries, and schools in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, as well as in Dharamsala, India and Lhasa, Tibet, this book offers an important contribution to the debate on the impact of international assistance on migrant communities. The author explores the ways in which Tibetan exiles in Nepal negotiate their norms and values as they interact with the many international organizations that assist them, and come to the conclusion that, as beneficial as the assistance of the aid agencies often is, it also complicates the Tibetans’ efforts to define themselves as a community. For more on the book: Tibetans in Nepal


"This is a detailed and unsentimental book. It examines and explains the remarkable financial success of the Tibetan refugees in Nepal, by exploring the effects of powerful foreign assistance and lively Tibetan cooperation. The agendas of the political patrons of the Tibetans and the motives of the Tibetans themselves are inspected in a global framework of engineered transformations and organized responses. This is mandatory reading for anyone interested in international affairs and the newest achievements in anthropological fieldwork."
—Sally Falk Moore, Harvard University

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