Tori Morrow '14

The coffee helps.

“Lots of coffee. I wasn’t a huge coffee drinker until my last two years at Hamilton, but it’s been pretty beneficial in life after Hamilton,” says Tori Morrow ’14, who works full time at an executive recruitment firm in Chicago, handling digital marketing and social media.

Nights and weekends she’s completing a novel and working as a staff writer for The Nerd Stash, a website that focuses on TV and video game news, comics and movies. She’s earned a master’s of fine arts degree in creative writing from Columbia College Chicago.

At Hamilton Morrow surprised herself by majoring in classics, a passion she discovered her first year. All the while she studied at Hamilton she was, on the side, reading and writing for pleasure. Classics was the right academic passion for her, but by late in her senior year, Morrow knew that she wanted to make a career in creative writing. Themes from her classics studies have made their way into her own writing.

“I feel like classics has really influenced me because it’s allowed me to be more critical about the things happening in our society today and to understand that many issues have roots in ancient civilization,” Morrow says.

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