Trivedi Delivers Paper at Kyoto University

Lisa Trivedi
Lisa Trivedi

In preparation for the 2015 World Economic History Congress, Associate Professor of History Lisa Trivedi was a featured speaker at a workshop sponsored by the Japanese government.

Trivedi was part of a group of nearly 30 scholars from various Japanese universities, as well as one other invited guest from India, at “Variety of Commodity in History: Social Dynamism, Networks, and Colonialism,” a special conference held March 26-27 at Kyoto University’s Center for the Study of Contemporary India.

The workshop explored topics aimed at examining diversity in development globally, especially identifying key characteristics of an ‘Indian’ path of development that is distinct from that associated with western Europe and East Asia. Trivedi’s paper, “Consuming Nationalism: Khadi Clothing and New Identities in Modern India,” was largely drawn from her monograph, Clothing Gandhi’s Nation: Homespun and Modern India (Indiana, 2007). 

Trivedi plans to join Japanese and European colleagues working in the field of economic history for the 2015 World Economic History Congress when Asia hosts the meeting for the first time.

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