Xavier Tubau

Xavier Tubau, assistant professor of Hispanic studies, was appointed as a Mayers Fellow at the Huntington Library in San Marino, Calif.

The fellowship will support a month's work in primary sources related to Tubau’s book project on political propaganda during the empire of Charles V. The greatest concentration of the library collections is in the English Renaissance, about 1500 to 1641. Tubau plans to devote the month to studying reports, chronicles, dialogues and poems that were printed in London during the sixteenth century, like the poem by William Lily about Charles V’s entry into London (1522) and Roger Ascham’s report about his years at the Imperial court as secretary to the English ambassador (c. 1570).

Tubau is interested in studying views at the English court of both Charles V’s expansionary policies in Europe and his antagonistic relations with the papacy.

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