Turkey's Entrance into E.U. Will Strength U.S. Power in Central Asia

"It is likely that Turkey will eventually be admitted into the E.U., but Turkish membership will deepen divisions within and among the member states and strengthen U.S. power in Europe and Central Asia," according to E.U. expert and Hamilton College government professor Alan Cafruny.  Editor of Europe's Ruined Fortress (2003 with Magnus Ryner), Cafruny is co-author of The Union and the World: The Political Economy of a Common European Foreign Policy, (Kluwer Law International 1998), a comprehensive analysis of the broad range of Union policies in both economic and political spheres.

Cafruny also wrote two chapters for the book, The Geopolitics of U.S. Hegemony in Europe: From the Break-up of Yugoslavia to the War in Iraq, and Europe, the United States, and Neoliberal (Dis)Order: Is There a Coming Crisis of the Euro? Cafruny is knowledgeable about all aspects of political, economic, security and foreign policy issues of the EU; Europe's relationship with NATO and the United States; the war in Bosnia and former Yugoslavia, especially diplomatic relations and refugee problems.

Cafruny is the Henry Bristol Professor of International Affairs at Hamilton College and is a frequent media commentator on economic and political issues related to the E.U. To contact Professor Cafruny call: 315-542-9267 (cell) or email acafruny@hamilton.edu

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