A sampling of top media coverage in 2022
Major national and international media outlets and leading publications from the higher education industry turned to Hamilton College faculty, staff, and alumni for their expertise and thought leadership on a broad range of topics in 2022.

Groundbreaking scholarly research and innovative creative endeavors by Hamilton’s faculty and staff not only advance knowledge in their fields, but can often also help broader audiences further understand the world’s most pressing issues. When media outlets feature faculty and staff discoveries and accomplishments, it helps strengthen Hamilton’s reputation as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country. In 2022, nearly 4,800 articles, radio programs, and television shows featured Hamilton College.

A collage of national media outlet logos, including Inside Higher Ed, The Washington Post, The Hill, and The Wall Street Journal

President David Wippman

More than a half dozen opinion pieces written by Wippman and his co-author, Cornell University Professor of American Studies Glenn Altschuler, were selected for publication.

A collage of national media outlet logos, including AP, The Hechinger Report, Inside Higher Ed, Times Higher Education The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Medium

Opinion Pieces

A number of Hamilton community members shared their thoughts on pertinent topics through op-eds and letters to the editor, including:

Daniel Chambliss, Professor of Sociology Emeritus
If you can, study what you love instead of picking the most marketable field” (Hechinger Report, March 29)
A Defense of Recommendation Letters” (Inside Higher Ed, Sept. 13)

Jaime Kucinskas, Associate Professor of Sociology
Yoga versus democracy? What survey data says about spiritual Americans’ political behavior” (Associated Press, Aug. 23)

A.G. Lafley, Life Trustee and former Board of Trustees Chair
Top Freelancing tip: Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Play to Your Strengths” (Medium, Jan. 3)

Ann Owen, Professor of Economics
Elon Musk and the Turmoil at Twitter” (The New York Times, Nov. 22)

Melissa Richards, Vice President of Communications and Marketing
Statement or No Statement?” (Inside Higher Ed, May 26)

Sharon Rivera, Professor of Government
Can Putin keep the oligarchs and Russian elites on his side?” (The Washington Post, March 1)

Anna Wise, Associate Dean of Admission and Director of International Recruitment
Russian students should not be punished for Putin’s aggression” (Times Higher Education, April 21)

A collage of national media outlet logos, including BBC, MSNBC, The Guardian, Inside High Ed, NPR, The Washington Post, Bloomberg Radio, The Wall Street Journal, and CBS Saturday Morning


Several faculty and staff members and their research, projects, and accomplishments were the central focus of articles and interviews published by major news outlets, including:

Lauren Cupp, Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach
World’s top-ranked woman speed golfer” (CBS Saturday Morning, July 16)

Lydia Hamessley, Professor of Music
Bluegrass: Virtuoso music of Appalachia” (BBC, Aug. 25; later repeated on NPR)

Philip Klinkner, Professor of Government
Supreme Disaster” (MSNBC, July 3)

Ann Owen, Professor of Economics
Balance of Power with David Weston” (Bloomberg Radio, Aug. 18)

Ty Seidule, Visiting Professor of History
Confederates Were Traitors” (The Guardian, Sept. 5)
“‘A wounded healer’: Ralph Northam wraps up term in office” (The Washington Post, Jan. 9)

Stephen Wu, Professor of Economics
What’s in a name? Maybe a job” (NPR’s PlanetMoney, Oct. 27; later on NPR’s All Things Considered and Morning Edition)
The Price People With Hard-to-Pronounce Names Pay in the Job Market” (The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 16)
The Difficult Name Penalty” (Inside Higher Ed, June 29)

A collage of national media outlet logos, including Newswee, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Marketplace, The Chronicle of Higher Education, U.S. News & World Report

Expert Commentary

Media outlets turned to a variety of faculty and staff members for their expertise on major issues in the news, including:

Alan Cafruny, Professor of Government
Russia Squandered Decades Worth of Soft Power Gains Over Ukraine War” (Newsweek, May 26)

Erica De Bruin, Associate Professor of Government
The Jan. 6 attack was a crisis. So why wasn’t it more of a scandal?” (The New York Times, Aug. 10)
Could a Crackdown on Kleptocrats Help Ukraine?” (The New York Times, March 23)

Stephen Orvis, Professor of Government
Kenya Gears Up for What Could Be Its ‘Most Normal’ Election in History” (U.S. News & World Report, Aug. 8)

Ann Owen, Professor of Economics
The Fed wants to bring inflation down to 2%. But why not 3%? Or 5%?” (Marketplace, Dec. 15)
How relevant are Federal Reserve meeting notes in a changing economy?Marketplace, Aug. 17)

Melissa Richards, Vice President of Communications and Marketing
Got college? Can a National Marketing Campaign Change the Souring Conversation About College?” (The Chronicle of Higher Education, Dec. 16)

David Rivera, Visiting Assistant Professor of Government
Could Vladimir Putin Be Overthrown by His Own People?” (Newsweek, March 5)

David Walden, Director of the Counseling Center
Improving Mental Health on Campus” Panel (U.S. News and World Report, Sept. 8)

Stephen Wu, Professor of Economics
What Black cops know about racism in policing” (The Washington Post, April 13)

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