National and regional news organizations regularly interview Hamilton faculty, staff, and students for their expertise and perspectives on current events, and to feature programs and activities on campus. Here are the second quarter’s national news coverage highlights. The articles include expert commentary on wars in Ukraine and Sudan, opinions on civic education, and an explanation of how the concept of race evolved in the Renaissance, among others.

Links are provided, but some may require subscriptions to access content. Please contact Vige Barrie if you cannot open a link or do not have a subscription.

Pronouncing Unfamiliar Names” – New York Times, April 6
Professor of Economics Stephen Wu wrote this letter to the editor.

Soundscapes of Liberation: African American Music in Postwar France” — New Books Network, April 10
Associate Professor of History Celeste Day Moore discussed her new book by the same title.

 “Why Zelensky Is Right To Be Nervous About a Trump Return” – Newsweek, April 15
Professor of Government Alan Cafruny commented in this article that appeared in publications throughout the country.

 "For the American Prison Writing Archive, a 'shadow canon' sheds light" — New York Times, April 17
This article featured Literature and Creative Writing Professor Doran Larson. This also appeared on the History News Network.

How to Understand the Fighting in Sudan” – New York Times, April 19
Associate Professor of Government Erica De Bruin commented.

The right's demonization of campus diversity, equity and inclusion programs must end” – The Hill, April 30
President David Wippman co-authored this op-ed.

For Derby Day, a note of caution about horses and ‘races’” — History News Network, April 30
Assistant Professor of History Mackenzie Cooley wrote this essay.

Honoring my moms — all 10 of them — on Mother’s Day” – Boston Globe, May 11
Michael Nelson ’16 wrote this essay about all the women at Hamilton as well as his own mothers who supported him during his time applying to and attending Hamilton.

We have a civics education crisis — and deep divisions on how to solve it” – Washington Post, May 31
President David Wippman co-authored this essay.

Debating Race and Rights in College Admissions” – Wall Street Journal, June 5
President David Wippman co-authored a letter to the editor.

Reputation, Affordability, Location and… Mental Health?” – Inside Higher Ed, June 6
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management John McLaughlin and Director of the Counseling Center David Walden commented.

Campus Engagement Tip: Introduce the Board of Trustees” – Inside Higher Ed, June 14
This article included Hamilton’s policy of placing students on Board of Trustee committees.

Is the Fed actually going to pull off a ‘soft landing’?” – Marketplace on American Public Media, June 14
Professor of Economics Ann Owen commented.

The Supreme Court’s Ruling on Admissions Exempts Military Academies. What’s Up With That?” – Chronicle of Higher Ed, June 30
Visiting Professor of History Ty Seidule commented.

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