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Hamilton in the News - First Quarter 2022

National and regional news organizations regularly interview Hamilton faculty, staff, and students for their expertise and perspectives on current events, and to feature programs and activities on campus. Below are highlights of the first quarter’s news coverage in 2022. Links are provided, but some may require subscriptions to access content. Contact Vige Barrie if you cannot open a link or do not have a subscription.


"Top Freelancing Tip: Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Play to Your Strengths" – Medium, Jan. 3
Life Trustee and former Board of Trustees Chair A.G. Lafley ’69’s essay centered around the College’s motto.

"‘A wounded healer’: Ralph Northam wraps up term in office" – The Washington Post, Jan. 9
The Virginia governor explained how Chamberlain Fellow and Professor of History Ty Seidule and his book, Robert E. Lee and Me, helped him understand the origin of his own views.

"On Exposing Robert E. Lee, Lost Cause Myths, White Supremacy, and Treason" – History News Network, Jan. 21
Chamberlain Fellow and Professor of History Ty Seidule was interviewed on these topics.

"President Biden is replacing federal judges at a record-breaking pace" – NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday, Jan. 22
Associate Professor of Government Gbemende Johnson spoke about the president’s judicial picks.

"Climate Migration: Facing the Inevitable" – Inside Higher Ed/Academic Minute, Jan. 24
Professor of Government Peter Cannavo spoke about the effects of climate change on communities.


"How to Protect and Promote Campus Civility" – Inside Higher Ed, Feb. 7
President David Wippman co-authored this op-ed.

"Administrators, How Would You Use a Professional Sabbatical?" – Inside Higher Ed, Feb. 16
Vice President for Communications and Marketing Melissa Richards authored this essay.

"Why aren’t there more Black female judges on the federal bench?" – The Washington Post, Feb. 22
Associate Professor of Government Gbemende Johnson authored this op-ed.

"Biden Nears Supreme Court Pick" – U.S. News & World Report, Feb. 25
Associate Professor of Government Gbemende Johnson discussed possible candidates.

"How this wave of African coups differs from previous ones" – The Washington Post, Feb. 25
Associate Professor of Government Erica De Bruin co-authored this essay.

"Putin Seems to Sideline Advisers on Ukraine, Taking a Political Risk" – The New York Times, Feb. 26
Associate Professor of Government Erica De Bruin commented.


"Can Putin keep the oligarchs and Russian elites on his side?" – Washington Post, March 1
Professor of Government Sharon Rivera wrote this essay based on the Survey of Russian Elites that she conducts every four years.

"Could Vladimir Putin Be Overthrown by His Own People?" – Newsweek, March 5
Visiting Assistant Professor of Government David Rivera addressed this question. He also provided commentary on the Ukraine crisis in the March 17 and March 25 issues of Newsweek.

"Could a Crackdown on Kleptocrats Help Ukraine?" – The New York Times, March 23
Associate Professor of Government Erica De Bruin commented.

"If you can, study what you love instead of picking the most marketable field" – Hechinger Report, March 29
Professor of Sociology Emeritus Daniel Chambliss wrote this op-ed.

"Yashua Klos: Our Labour on view at the Wellin Museum" – WAMC (Albany public radio) The Roundtable, March 30
Exhibiting artist Yashua Klos and Wellin Museum Director Tracy Adler spoke about the current exhibition.







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