Alan Cafruny.

Ukraine, Europe, and the re-routing of Globalization,” co-authored by Henry Platt Bristol Professor of International Relations Alan Cafruny, was recently published in the Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies.

In the article, Cafruny and co-author Vassilis Fouskas of the University of East London reflect on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine one year into the conflict. They offer background information on the conduct of war and absence of diplomacy, and discuss U.S. responsibilities.

The article also considers the large-scale economic consequences of the war and the impact of the resultant transformation of global energy relations, as well as the implications of U.S. protectionist policies for Germany and Europe. The authors say that in this context, the article diagnoses a trend towards a “re-routing of globalization,” a transition period that they say will be damaging to European interests, but will benefit China and the U.S.

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