Aaron Sanandres '96

Some do, some don’t. But according to Aaron Sanandres ’96, “There are very few topics in men’s fashion that are universally [pausing to capture the right word] emotional. And this is one of them.” He’s talking about the range of emotions sparked when discussing whether to tuck or not to tuck your shirt. 

Still, Sanandres’ research showed that not only did a big segment of those surveyed favor untucked, it also showed that the market lacked a well-fitted, untuckable shirt. In 2011, his friend Chris Riccobono pitched him an idea — create an online company to sell shirts designed to look good hanging out. Sanandres grabbed the opportunity, the company became UNTUCKit, and Sanandres is its CEO. 


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The venture did so well that in 2016 he left the job he loved at PricewaterhouseCoopers to go totally untucked. The burgeoning UNTUCKit, moving quickly into brick-and-mortar, now has 56 stores and counting. It is positioning to expand into the United Kingdom, says Sanandres, who relishes the dynamic nature of the work.

“The thing I loved about consulting was that you had projects. Everything changed every day, and there’s no sense of monotony,” he says. “Building a business is the antithesis of boring. There’s this whole Brownian motion. Things are always moving. Always moving. Big decisions have to be made every day.”

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