Volunteers at Utica’s Linwood Community Garden included Luis Morales ’20, Marvin Lopez ’23, Josten Perez ’22, and Sam Ntim-Addae ’21.

Several members of the Hamilton community recently spent a day at the Linwood Community Garden in Utica, N.Y., cleaning out the planting beds and preparing the grounds for winter. The volunteer outing was organized by the Brothers Organization and the Days-Massolo Center.

Founded and managed by Cassandra Harris-Lockwood K’74, the Linwood Garden provides free and wholesome produce to the members of the Utica community. It also serves as a gathering place where people can learn about sustainable gardening practices and work collaboratively with youth groups and local residents. The garden helps to enhance the rich and varied social landscape of Utica by cultivating and demonstrating the bountifulness of its physical landscape.

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