Aurélie Van de Wiele
Aurélie Van de Wiele

Visiting Assistant Professor of French Aurélie Van de Wiele published an article in the current issue of the journal Nineteenth-Century French Studies. In “Le Poète baudelairien: un Homme révolté ? Réflexion sur l’esthétique du mal comme révolte métaphysique,” she argued that French poet Charles Baudelaire used his aesthetics of evil as a way to alleviate the metaphysical distress that he felt as a modern individual.

In addition, Van de Wiele presented a paper titled “Leçon de jouissance des Nourritures terrestres, ou l’échec de l’hédonisme par Les Choses” at the biennial meeting of the Société des Professeurs Français et Francophones d’Amérique. The meeting was held in October at New York University.

In her paper, Van de Wiele examined the consumer’s behavior in André Gide’s Nourritures terrestres and Georges Perec’s Les Chose. She also highlighted how 1960s consumers turned to consumption for life guidance, existential stability and happiness.

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