Adam Van Wynsberghe

Associate Professor of Chemistry Adam Van Wynsberghe recently presented results from his research laboratory's efforts at the 254th National Meeting of the ACS in Washington, D.C. in a seminar titled, "Multiscale modeling of the complete ligand binding pathways to influenza neuraminidase."

Van Wynsberghe was an invited speaker in the ACS Physical Chemistry division's symposium "Physical Chemistry Research at Undergraduate Institutions."

The seminar centered around the Van Wynsberghe group's efforts to understand the mechanism by which anti-viral drugs are able to bind to the main drug target of the influenza virus.

Van Wynsberghe highlighted the work of many of the Hamilton undergraduates who have worked in his lab including Jeremy Adelman '13, Dan Mermelstein '14, Alvin Wu '13, Leah Krause '14, Pat Marris '16, Bryon Banman '16, Rich Wenner '17, David Dacres '18, Erin Lewis '18, Kalvin Nash '18, Allen Park, 18, AB Abera '19, and Janice Kang '20.

The Van Wynsberghe research group uses computational and theoretical techniques to study protein-ligand binding and the functional implications of protein dynamics. The group’s general goals are to use chemical and physical principles to understand interesting problems in biochemistry and biophysics. 

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