Wal-Mart Child Labor "Whistle Blower" to Speak at Hamilton

Charles Kernaghan, executive director of the National Labor Committee in Support of Human and Worker Rights, presents, "Sweatshops and Child Labor in the Global Economy," on May 5, at 7 p.m. in Benedict 105.

Kernaghan, best known for exposing the use of child labor in the production of
Wal-Mart's "Kathie Lee" clothing line, is the author of National Labor Committee reports documenting labor conditions and abuses in factories in Central America, China, Haiti, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.  His 1992 report, "Paying to Lose Our Jobs" documented the use of over $1.3 billion in U.S. tax dollars spent under the Reagan and Bush Administrations to build and promote Central American free trade zones and to help U.S. companies move offshore to take advantage of cheap labor, lack of labor regulation and a no-union environment.

Hamilton College's program on globalization engages students in a multi-disciplinary examination of the broad phenomenon of globalization, including its political, economic, social and cultural aspects. The sophomore seminar cluster on globalization sponsored a series of lectures during the spring semester.

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