Walking Closely - Again; New Tombstone at Hamilton College for Oneida Chief

At the time of the American Revolution, Oneida Nation Chief Skenandoa and missionary Samuel Kirkland forged a friendship that brought together white settlers and Oneida children with the common goal of education. With a gift of land from the state, Kirkland founded the Hamilton-Oneida Academy near his home in Clinton. But the school quickly evolved into an all-white, all-male academy and stayed that way until the early 1900s... Tuesday, both sides pledge to revive the efforts of their ancient leaders and to try to bring Oneida Indians onto campus as educators and students. (Hamilton) College officials and Oneida Nation leaders gathered at the graves of Skenandoa and Kirkland, best friends buried side by side in the college cemetery. Together, they relaced Skenandoa's weathered gravestone and shared a tobacco ceremony and traditional Iroquois dancing.
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