Zhuoyi Wang

Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures Zhuoyi Wang was invited to give five invited talks during the summer break. Invited by the Chinese Language Workshop at Indiana University and the Chinese Language Teachers Association (USA), respectively, Wang gave two talks on, “The Father Figure in Ang Lee’s ‘Father Knows Best’ Film Trilogy,” in June and August.

In July, Wang was invited to give two talks on Mulan. For the Chinese Language Division at National Taiwan University, he gave a talk titled “Can we overcome cultural stereotypes by teaching cultural ‘authenticity?:’ the case of teaching the legend of (Hua) Mulan.”

At Middlebury College Chinese Language Summer School, he gave a talk titled “From Mulan (1998) to Mulan (2020): Orientalist Imagination, Feminist Intervention, and a Compromised Progress.” Wang also gave a talk for the Language Center at Shih Chien University in July. The talk was titled “From the New Cinema Movement (1982-1987) to the present: An Introduction to selected masterpieces of Taiwanese Cinema.”

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