Zhuoyi Wang

Since September, Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures Zhuoyi Wang has given invited Zoom talks to faculty and students at four U.S. and Taiwanese universities and colleges.

Based on his research of Chinese sci-fi film history, Wang gave a talk titled “Between the World Ship and the Hollywood Spaceship: The Iceberg-Shaped Sci-Fi Story of The Wandering Earth (2019),” at DePauw University in September. He spoke on “From Disaster to Laughter: Making Comedies in the Changing Political Landscape of the People’s Republic of China, 1956-1962” at New York University in October. The lecture was based on a chapter of his book Revolutionary Cycles in Chinese Cinema: 1951-1979.

Wang discussed director Tsui Hark in “Transforming the Liminal Her.o: Border-crossing Interconnections in The Taking of the Tiger Mountain (2014) and Its Textual Pedigree,” at College of the Holy Cross in November.  The talk was based on his article of the same title.

Wang's most recent lecture, “Can we overcome cultural stereotypes by teaching cultural “authenticity?:” the case of teaching the legend of (Hua) Mulan,” took place via Zoom for National Taiwan Normal University in December. The talk was based on his scholarly research and media article on Mulan.

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