Zhuoyi Wang.

Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures Zhuoyi Wang’s research article "From Mulan (1998) to Mulan (2020): Disney Conventions, Cross-Cultural Feminist Intervention, and a Compromised Progress"  was recently converted into an animation video by SciPod. SciPod is a UK-based company that specializes in translating peer-reviewed research into accessible content for a wider audience, thereby enhancing its comprehensibility and dissemination.

The complete animation is available for viewing on SciPod's website SciTube and YouTube.

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 Kyoko Omori

Omori Publishes Book Review in Pacific Affairs

Kyoko Omori, associate professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures (Japanese), published a book review of The Culture of the Sound Image in Prewar Japan in the September 2022 issue of Pacific Affairs hosted by The University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Rob Kantrowitz ’82

Kantrowitz Publishes in Elemente der Mathematik

An article titled "Approximation of polynomials by Hermite interpolation" by the Marjorie and Robert W. McEwen Professor of Mathematics Robert Kantrowitz '82 and Michael M. Neumann of Mississippi State University appears in the current issue of the journal Elemente der Mathematik.

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