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D.C. Program Students Meet with Ambassador Prudence Bushnell

Prudence Bushnell meets with Washington Program students.
Prudence Bushnell meets with Washington Program students.

Students in the Hamilton College Program in Washington, D.C., met with Ambassador Prudence Bushnell, CEO of Sage Associates, for a discussion of U.S. democracy promotion on March 5.  Ambassador Bushnell is the founder and co-director of the Levitt Leadership Institute at Hamilton College.

Bushnell offered the students an insider perspective on U.S. democracy promotion during the Clinton administration, when she served as deputy assistant secretary of state for African affairs and mmbassador to the Republic of Kenya.  She then had them apply their knowledge—acquired during the Washington program’s academic seminar on U.S. democracy promotion—to a simulation of decision-making processes in an office tasked with democracy promotion at the U.S. State Department.

Bushnell formerly served as dean of the Leadership and Management School at the Foreign Service Institute (2002-2005) and now consults on a range of international and leadership issues.  She introduced the Washington Program students to some of these leadership issues, focusing in on her recommendations for successful networking in D.C. and in one’s future professional life in general.


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