Weldon Presents Poster at IBRO World Conference

Douglas Weldon
Douglas Weldon

Douglas Weldon, the Stone Professor of Psychology, presented a poster at the International Brain Research Organization’s (IBRO) Eighth World Congress of Neuroscience on July 15, in Florence, Italy. “Effects of Anpirtoline Administration on Acoustic Startle Responses and Sensorimotor Gating in Rats” presented three experiments based on initial work by the poster’s co-author Caroline Briggs ’10 for her senior thesis in neuroscience.

According to Weldon, anpirtoline stimulates the 1B subtype of serotonin receptors and it is interesting because it has anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. The main findings indicate that the drug reduces startle responses to a surprising auditory stimulus, but that the effects are not mediated by the 1B receptor alone.

IBRO has a global membership of over 75,000 neuroscientists according to the conference program. This year’s meeting marks the 50th anniversary of the organization and intended “to provide a living expression of its mission, the promotion of neuroscience and communication between brain researchers around the world, with special emphasis on assisting young investigators in the developing world.”

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