Hamilton students on campus this summer enjoyed a pizza party at the Wellin Museum.

The Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art at Hamilton College hosted a pizza party on June 29 for the student workers who remained on campus this summer. Organized by Johnson-Pote Wellin Director Tracy L. Adler, the event was intended to be a welcome change of pace for the students, accustomed to living on a near-dormant campus, as well as a closing celebration for Julia Jacquette’s Wellin exhibition, Unrequited and Acts of Play.

“The idea of the event was to give students something fun to do on campus, and to give those who haven’t seen Julia Jacquette’s exhibition a chance to do so before it closes on July 2,” said Adler.

Later that day, Hamilton offered yet another edible opportunity with an ice cream social in KJ. “I love events like this,” said Sean Schneckloth ’20, who is working at Hamilton this summer as an AV technician. “It gives all the students who have been holed up in their rooms a chance to get together as a large group, which is always fun. And free food never hurts.”


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