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Wellin Museum of Art Welcomes Middle School Students

Holland Patent students gather in the Wellin Museum atrium.
Holland Patent students gather in the Wellin Museum atrium.

The Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art welcomed more than 200 7th and 8th grade students from Holland Patent Central School during November. The visit was organized by Holland Patent art teacher Karen Deuel-Spine, Megan Austin, Wellin Museum manager of educational programming and outreach, and Amber Spadea, school and family educator.

Deuel-Spine was one of 40 local teachers who attended the museum’s first An Evening of Art for Educators event in October where she learned about the museum, its exhibitions and holdings. The event led to an initial meeting and the creation of an interdisciplinary object-based assignment, which involved a presentation for all of the students at the middle school, a field trip to the Wellin Museum, and a response research paper.

While the students were at the museum they were given time to view the exhibitions, select an artwork, sketch and investigate the wall text, and ask questions of the Hamilton College student museum docents and Wellin staff. 

Teddy Altman ’15, Samuel Finkelstein ’14, Ashlie Flood ’15, Salome Kuchukhidze ’14, and Caroline Rudd ’16 staffed various locations in the museum to answer questions about specific works, the exhibitions, the museum’s collection and the building.

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