Nigel Westmaas

Associate Professor of Africana studies Nigel Westmaas has published an article in the Summer 2019 issue of Africa Update newsletter published by the Central Connecticut State University.  The article “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa and the contemporary relevance of Walter Rodney” assesses the impact of the late Guyanese historian’s celebrated text How Europe Underdeveloped Africa (published 1972) and its ongoing influential legacy in context of the new imperialism and the modern raid on the African continent.

While Rodney’s text exposed European penetration, colonization and destruction of African societies in an earlier era, Westmaas argues that the former European colonial powers, especially France, along with the United States, continue to involve in militarization, cultural arrogance, political manipulation, and the exploitation of natural resources, all part of the “ensemble of Western intervention” into Africa

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